BFBC2 High-jinx!

not my vid of course – i dont have any PS3 capturing tools – but this is a bunch of funny machinima gameplay from BFBC2

MEL Maya Scripts

My first ever MEL scripts for maya ..ughh

//Zero Out Selection
//Exludes visibility and scale
//get selection
    string $sel[] = `ls -sl` ;
    //zero out loop
    for($item in $sel) {
           //get attributes
           string $attrs[] = `listAttr -v -k -s $item` ;
           //zero out - exclude scl and vis
           for ($attr in $attrs) {
               if($attr != "visibility" && $attr != "scaleX" && $attr != "scaleY" && $attr != "scaleZ") {
                   string $path = ($item+"."+$attr) ;
                   if(!`getAttr -l $path`) setAttr ($item+"."+$attr) 0 ;

//Toggle Set Textures
//work specific, however the method is good to put ehre for me to learn. 
//The drawShading 0/1 changes the deault maya shading/previs textures attr

//create set selection

string $set[] =`ls -type [yourSetItemsPrefix]`;
//loop through set pieces
for ($item in $set){
    //get drawShading Attr
    string $val = `getAttr ($item+".drawShading")`;
        //toggle 0/1 previs textures
        if ($val == 0){
            setAttr ($item + ".drawShading") 1;
            setAttr ($item + ".drawShading") 0;

Glorious Weekend

So the weather turned glorious over the weekend – just in time for Mum to visit :)   We had a nice time this weekend hanging out with the ‘dort’, cruising around the bays of Welly and checking out the vistas from the Mt Vic lookout.  We had some lunch at The Cheeky Pipi which was nice.

Started getting back into some games/project development, will try to stop procrastinating and get some work done.  Will be downloading and starting  to use Unity 3 ASAP.  Hopefully get Chris into helping me finish the first iPhone project.  We’ll see – I need a team of slaves dammit!  Join me or die rebel scum…

Seeing LOTG:TOOG this week in 3D hopefully it looks nice, shame they didn’t end up putting in production baby credits – disappointed.  Anyway, will finally see how some of my shots look on the big screen.

Reef – Glow

I’ve been having flashbacks to how AWESOME this album is. Reef – Glow, some great rocknroll from a while back. Check the whole album out, including some picks like Place Your Hands, Consideration and I Would Have Left You. They have a real 70s rock feel, drawing influences from Rolling Stones and Led Zepp etc.  Old school blues rock in there for grooves and a gruff sexy edge!

PS3 Gamer Card

testing a gamercard generator

idego Trophy Card

idego Trophy Card

idego Trophy Card

idego Gamer Card

idego Trophy Card

idego Trophy Card

idego Trophy Card


Couchlife is a well priced online games store.  Ship pretty fast throughout Oz and NZ.

Games to Watch this Season!

There are quite a few good looking new games for the new season. Here is my list of games to keep in mind – in no particular order:

sci-fi shooter that blends game mode types, SP, COOP and MP all blended seamlessly.  Also introduces some nice mirror’s edge movement freedom into an FPS – looks fun

Medal of Honor
new military shooter – looks as good as most shooters like this – the multiplayer is being dev’d by EA DICE (BFBC2) which im all for!!

Call of Duty : Black Ops
well, may as well get this because I always end up getting the COD series games.

ridiculous sci-fi action arcade shooter.  so OTT its really funny.  Will probably give any game a go where you can laser lasso an enemy, then face kick them into a cactus.

sci-fi FPS and puzzle game.  Looks like supernatural shooter meets half-life 2 style weaponry/puzzles.  sounds cool

Lego Harry Potter
Lego games like this are always good.

Little Big Planet 2
extremely creative and content rich follow up to a great original

Crysis 2
rad, also coming to consoles this time! so your pooter wont chug to play it

Portal 2
must play.  Original was awesome

Killzone 3
sequel to my fave sci-fi shooter of alst season.  Great online MP.

Two Worlds 2
hopefully they get this right – a new opportunity for an Oblivions style open world RPG with loads of playtime and content.

Castle Crashers
arcade side scrolling RPG action – download-able game.

Kingdoms of Amalur : The Reckoning
new RPG from some big name developers.  Will be a standalone rpg, with plans for an MMO in the future.  Writing by R. A. Salvatore

Trine 2
great looking follow up to last years awesome RPG platformer.

Torchlight 2
MP follow up to the cool action RPG of last year.  Good cheap nice looking fun to play diablo clone made by ..well..ex Diablo makers…  Also ships with TorchEd – complete modding system for players.  This is going to be awesome!!


Sunday revealed some nice clear sunny weather.  It was still windy but the storm had cleared out most of the cloud and rain.  We drove up the west coast a little bit, and visited some friends in Paekakariki.  Really nice easy coastal drive alongside some amazing rolling green hills, that drop right down into the ocean.  Off the coast is Kapiti island, home to a famous Kiwi bird conservation park.  We are planning a small weekender trip to that little protected paradise.

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Music Pick – Explosions In The Sky

Being listening to some more wavy post-rock.  If you’re into it, then check out this and more songs from Explosions In The Sky.  This little one is called ‘Catastrophe and Cure’

Windy Welly

Some huge storms swirling around New Zealand this week – this weekend Wellington  finally gets hit with a severe gale force storm warning.  Looking out my window seems it has begun!

weather attack!

it has begun…

what does it look like at the moment? like THIS